May 18, 2021


Beyond law

What is (or was) Aaron Rodgers hunting for in a new deal?

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The unresolved agreement condition involving Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was far more of a symptom than a root cause of the lingering difficulties among participant and workforce. Having said that, the two get-togethers had been negotiating a new deal.

This indicates that negotiations could have resulted in a new deal. Which also indicates that, if an arrangement could have been achieved that ties Rodgers to the Packers for the next three a long time or longer, then almost everything could have been resolved.

The truth that the two sides have achieved an impasse has taken the condition to Defcon 1. If a contactual impasse hadn’t been reached, logic suggests that Aaron Rodgers would not want out.

So what would it have taken to get a offer accomplished? At a minimum, Rodgers wanted to shatter the yr-to-calendar year versatility that the Packers now possess. No matter if it is a two- or a a few-12 months thing, Rodgers hoped for something that would have eradicated the uncertainty that always flows from the presence of Jordan Enjoy.

But it’s much more than safety and motivation. Income has anything to do with it, much too. And not just for money’s sake. At a time when Rodgers has felt chronically disrespected by the front business, the front workplace experienced a way to present him respect.

You demonstrate him regard by using his present deal, which carries a new-funds regular of $33.5 million (exact same as Jared Goff and Carson Wentz) and you raise it. Considerably.

How significantly? Properly, Rodgers was the very best player in the NFL last 12 months. And the highest paid player in the NFL helps make $45 million for every yr. And a league source tells PFT that, at a person position through the talks, Rodgers’ reps requested for Rodgers to be the optimum-paid player in soccer.

Pandemic, schmandemic. The Packers appreciated document revenues in their most recently done fiscal 12 months, building $70 million in uncooked financial gain for a team with no owner to use it to invest in tremendous-yacht. With no proprietor, the most vital man or woman in the complete corporation was been, and nonetheless is, Rodgers. And if he believes he’s been disrespected (most notably by the selection of Jordan Really like in spherical 1 a calendar year back), what superior way to command regard than to demand from customers Patrick Mahomes money, as well as at least a person greenback?

Of course, Rodgers constantly has agreed to extremely-long extensions when he could have played it like Kirk Cousins or Dak Prescott, declining presents, forcing franchise tags, and in the long run squeezing top greenback. No matter, Rodgers is squeezing now. The reality that it didn’t perform at the bargaining table suggests that the squeezing will have to transpire elsewhere.

And it is, even if he has but to confess that it is.