October 23, 2021


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Signs You Found A Very Good Lawyer To Represent You

Regardless of the reason why you want to hire a lawyer, there will always be countless choices available for you. There are numerous law firms and lawyers to consider. Choosing a really good one can easily seem like a daunting, impossible task. To make your choices simpler, Munley Law Wilkes-Barre recommends looking at the following signs that you are considering a really good lawyer.

Cautious Optimism

Cases are rarely very easy to argue. Your lawyer should thus never make any promises. When you see that the attorney makes some very clear promises about the outcome and is overconfident, you might want to walk away.

The best lawyers out there know they need to look at several factors and that there is no legal proceeding out there that has a guaranteed outcome. They offer you proper guidance and present several options you might have.

Great Listening Skills

The best lawyers are masters when it comes to listening. This is because there is no such thing as an approach that is always guaranteed success in law. The attorney needs to listen to absolutely everything you say and fully understand what your goals are. As a result, all good lawyers are great at listening and they are responsive. This does not mean that they will answer in seconds. It means that they will respond as fast as possible, after they take what you said into account and they figure out what options are available.


Although you might think that this is quite strange, the best lawyers out there will never actually empathize too much. They will understand your pain and can show emotion, but when too much appears, it can negatively affect the result of the case.

Legal service providers that are very good at their jobs need to always stay objective. They look for the truth and evidence to prove it. This is quite hard to do when there is a personal relationship that appears between the lawyer and the client. Lawyers want to have professional relationships with clients with facts and trust being the foundation.

Honesty About Fees

This is an important thing to look at since it can create huge problems in the future. The subject is definitely a sore one but the lawyer needs to always discuss fees early in the process. There are some representation types that have some flat fees, like basic bankruptcy, and immigration matters. In other cases, fees vary. And attorneys might even agree to contingency fees, as with personal injury cases.

At The End Of The Day, Trust Your Gut!

The truth is that you need to enjoy working with the attorney. When this does not happen, it is most likely because of a reason that puts you in an uneasy state. Most likely, you do not trust the attorney.

Your gut should dictate the final choice you make. If you feel that the lawyer is not honest with you or you simply feel that something is wrong, there is a good possibility you are right. Just trust your gut since there are many other lawyers you can consider.