November 30, 2021


Beyond law

Lafayette police arrest male with ‘active shooter bag,’ proof of hazardous zip gun experimentation

LAFAYETTE — A 27-year-old Berkeley man was dealing with felony fees after police located him in possession of what officers named an “active shooter bag” containing evidence he tried using to make a shotgun out of a flare pistol.

The rates stem from a June 24 arrest in Lafayette, which adopted a bizarre incident in El Cerrito where by the gentleman allegedly entered the Outdated West Gun Place, tried to acquire a shotgun, and told the operator he’d pay double if he could get about the track record examine and go away with the gun in hand. When the owner declined, the male questioned what would happen if he simply just walked out with the gun, but ended up leaving empty-handed, law enforcement say.

Afterwards that day, a Lafayette officer spotted the man’s Jeep and searched it right after the gentleman admitted to obtaining a flare gun. Inside, police observed many flare guns that had appeared to have been modified into improvised shotguns, with metal pipes taped to them.

Police also uncovered dozens of shotgun rounds, entire body armor, a gas siphon and a buck knife, as very well as loose flare guns and steel piping, in accordance to court docket information. The guy was forbidden from possessing guns thanks to a 2017 psychological overall health hold, law enforcement said.