October 18, 2021


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Here’s how significantly the 2021 NFL draft picks will generate on their rookie contracts

A group of new athletes will be a part of the Nationwide Football League on Thursday evening as the NFL holds its once-a-year draft.

For gamers, the workforce that drafts them can have a major affect on how they develop as NFL pros, but it also can have a massive influence on their wallets.

What quantity draft decide a player is determines how a lot money he will gain on his rookie deal. This is due to the NFL’s rookie wage scale, which assigns greenback amounts to unique draft slots. The increased a player is drafted, the a lot more profitable their in general agreement and signing bonus are.

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Simply because of this scale, dropping a handful of places throughout the draft can basically cost gamers thousands and thousands of pounds on their rookie contracts.

Below are the believed contracts and signing bonuses for the initially round alternatives of the 2021 NFL draft, according to agreement checking site Spotrac. Only signing bonuses are certain to the player.

Pick No. 1

Complete agreement benefit: $36.8 million, signing reward: $24.2 million

Decide on No. 2

Complete contract price: $35.2 million, signing bonus: $22.9 million

Select No. 3

Full deal worth: $34.1 million, signing reward: $22.2 million

Pick No. 4

Full contract benefit: $32.9 million, signing reward: $21.3 million

Pick No. 5

Complete agreement worth: $30.9 million, signing reward: $19.8 million

Select No. 6

Full contract benefit: $27.1 million, signing bonus: $17.1 million

Decide No. 7

Whole deal worth: $24.1 million, signing reward: $14.9 million

Decide No. 8

Total contract price: $21.1 million, signing reward: $12.7 million

Pick No. 9

Full deal value: $20.9 million, signing reward: $12.6 million

Decide on No. 10

Total deal price: $20.2 million, signing reward: $12 million

Pick No. 11

Whole deal worth: $18.9 million, signing bonus: $11.1 million

Select No. 12

Whole agreement benefit: $17.1 million, signing reward: $9.8 million

Decide No. 13

Complete deal price: $16.6 million, signing bonus: $9.5 million

Decide No. 14

Overall contract worth: $15.9 million, signing bonus: $8.9 million

Pick No. 15

Whole agreement benefit: $15.6 million, signing reward: $8.7 million

Decide on No. 16

Complete contract worth: $14.7 million, signing reward: $8.1 million

Decide on No. 17

Whole agreement benefit: $14.4 million, signing bonus: $7.8 million

Pick No. 18

Whole agreement value: $14 million, signing bonus: $7.6 million

Decide No. 19

Full contract benefit: $13.8 million, signing reward: $7.4 million

Choose No. 20

Whole contract price: $13.7 million, signing reward: $7.35 million

Select No. 21

Total agreement worth: $13.6 million, signing bonus: $7.3 million

Decide No. 22

Overall deal value: $13.5 million, signing reward: $7.2 million

Decide No. 23

Overall deal benefit: $13.4 million, signing reward: $7.1 million

Pick No. 24

Full agreement price: $13 million, signing reward: $6.9 million

Select No. 25

Full deal price: $12.9 million, signing bonus: $6.8 million

Choose No. 26

Whole deal price: $12.7 million, signing bonus: $6.6 million

Decide on No. 27

Whole agreement value: $12.6 million, signing reward: $6.53 million

Decide No. 28

Whole contract price: $12.5 million, signing reward: $6.5 million

Decide No. 29

Whole deal value: $11.9 million, signing bonus: $6.1 million

Pick No. 30

Complete deal benefit: $11.6 million, signing bonus: $5.8 million

Decide No. 31

Whole contract value: $11.3 million, signing bonus: $5.6 million

Decide on No. 32

Total contract value: $11.2 million, signing reward: $5.5 million

The NFL draft starts on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST and will air on ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, and more protection of the NFL draft will occur on audio-only platform Clubhouse.