November 29, 2021


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“Aniah’s Regulation” Could Improve Bond Controversy in Selma


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From the West Alabama newsroom–

Bail bonds for repeat offenders — has been an ongoing controversy in Dallas County for decades.

It’s a issue a new bail reform legislation — could increase.

Aniah’s Legislation is a proposed constitutional modification that would let judges to deny bonds for folks suspected of committing violent felonies like murder, rape or kidnapping.

“There are a great deal of state’s that have this regulation where the choose can deny bail on a non-funds offense,” reported District Legal professional Michael Jackson. “So this is almost nothing new besides it’s new in Alabama.”

Jackson is identified for requesting significant bonds — to continue to keep violent criminal suspects off the avenue.

“If they are a violent man or woman and a flight hazard far too. You do not want them to have a bond,” he said.

“We’re in this article to help every person. We’re in this article to help anyone that has a bond,” mentioned Charles Mills with Selma Bail Bonds.

Mills states his corporation does an investigation — before it at any time writes a bond.

“Find out if there is anything heading on that raises my suspicion. And if it is, then I start out conversing with the person. Get started questioning them. And if they can occur up with something that I believe, we’ll bail them out. If they uhh, I truly feel like that they are lying to me or they’re not getting truthful, then in essence we just type of pass it off. We just will not get associated in it,” claimed Mills.

Nineteen year old Auburn College student Aniah Blanchard of Homewood — was kidnapped and murdered back again in 2019.

The gentleman charged with the crimes — was out on bond for kidnapping and attempted murder at the time.

“Nobody would like these violent offenders just functioning all-around the road,” said Jackson.

“These gunslingers need to have to continue to be locked up when they dedicate violent offenses.”